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Three Children’s Game in One – Animals, Colors, Numbers, and Counting



Are you looking for a game that is both fun and educational? Well, your search has come to an end! This Three Pack Children’s Game will teach your kids in a fun and interesting way. Watch in awe as they learn to count, choose matching colors and even identify animals using a single letter. Keep your children entertained with Circus, Color Ball and Number Garden so they can learn in a relaxing environment.

Circus players to choose a letter then select one of the three animals on the stage. The name of the chosen animal has to begin with the letter that is displayed. Prepare to be amazed as your kids learn more and more about letters every day.

If they’re bored, then move on to the second game so they can have lots of fun with color. Color Ball is a game that displays a color and players must select the ball that matches that color. Be careful though because there will be other colorful balls bouncing around. This game will help your kids match colors correctly in an interactive way.

The fun never stops when you move on to third game, Number Garden. This game is colorful, fun and an easy way to teach your kids to count. All they have to do is look at the number and pick the corresponding number of flowers from the garden. Three Pack Children’s Game is a great way for your little ones to learn in a stress-free manner. Add some fun to the weekly play date when you download this fun, addictive and educational app.


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