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Music Pile Up



Welcome to Music Pile Up! Music Pile Up is focused on playing great music while you play.

Your task is to capture as many green notes as you can. The more green notes you collect, the higher the score multiplier, and the more points you will receive. But, there’s a catch! As you collect more green notes, your character grows and grows, making it harder to dodge those every risky yellow notes and pesky red notes.

Capture yellow notes at your own risk. Yellow notes randomly provide power ups that can help you earn more points, or penalties that can quickly end your game. And watch out for the red notes! They will instantly end the game.

Is the game too hard? You can change the difficulty of the game in the settings menu. From the settings menu, you can also learn more about Music Pile Up.

Music Pile Up features 6 powers up and penalties.

Crescendo – This penalty will increase the size of the player, making it harder to dodge red notes.
Decrescendo – This power up will decrease the size of the player, making it easier to dodge red notes.
Harmony – With Harmony, every note turns into a green note and gives you the ability to achieve the highest score possible!
Dissonance – With Dissonance, every note counts as a red note! So watch out!
Allegro – Allegro speeds up the game.
Adagio – Adagio slows the game down.


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