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Mobile sports betting takes off


Sports fans have a lot of ways to show their support: wearing team jerseys, cheering and jeering, applying liberal amounts of face paint, waving foam fingers, chanting mantras, and many others. Of course, the more hardcore sports enthusiasts have done all these things and more, but when they want to add an element of risk and danger to the ebb and flow of watching an important game or sporting event, they turn to placing carefully selected wagers on specific outcomes from their favorite teams or athletes. The rise of online sports betting through smartphones, tablets and similar mobile devices has allowed a wider range of sports fans to wager at odds – whether they sought it themselves or found it through other users – at their own convenience.

The sheer dominance and brand recall of the Apple mobile device lineup – the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch – has resulted in an intense surge in the sphere of mobile product development. Consequently, the vast majority of the world’s biggest companies have turned to mobile apps to solidify their social media presence and earn significant amounts of cash from a very lucrative revenue stream. All of this is to say that it definitely makes sense to tap into the millions of sports fans from across the globe when creating high-quality mobile apps. It’s even better when mobile apps cater to sports fans who regularly gamble. After ushering in the new decade, online sports betting juggernaut Betfair released an iPhone App within the App Store. This was groundbreaking news at the time, as Betfair was the first established sports betting company to release a fully functional mobile sports betting app on the platform.

Betfair has definitely taken advantage of the multi-touch interface and high-resolution screens that are standard across the Apple mobile device lineup. Indeed, the Betfair iPhone App has a polished look and feel that wisely retains the same core exchange functionality from the main website. Since mobile applications demand greater speed and overall performance compared to a browser-based product, they focused on providing an intuitive user experience that allows players to get their bet on as simply and easily as possible. In the spirit of responsible gaming, the company also implemented an industry first: the Betfair iPhone App that actually uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate and verify a customer’s location before they are permitted to bet.

As online sports betting continues to grow into an extremely profitable industry, the wide array of smartphones currently on the market will allow hundreds of sports fans to experience the thrill of placing bets and winning.

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