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Kid’s Game Escape

Finally! A game just for kids! Kid’s Game Escape includes 3 game modes that include the following.

Beach Ball Pop – Help your kids learn how to count in this easy to play game. Pop the beach balls as they fly through the air and learn how to count!

Coloring For Kids – Teach your kids how to color with the easy to use Coloring For Kids. Your kid can choose from over 20 pictures to start coloring and this app includes a set of options to change the brush color, the size of the brush and much more. Once you are done drawing, Coloring For Kids lets you save the picture to your library.

Puzzles For Kids – Help your kids master their puzzle skills with Puzzles For Kids. With a variety of puzzles, you can help grow your kids puzzle mastering skills!

Kid’s Game Escape will help keep your kids entertained while teaching them how to count, color and solve puzzles. There are no over complicated menus and options for kids to get confused by, just simple and intuitive menus to make it easy for your kids.

What’s more, Kid’s Game Escape will be continuously updated with more puzzles and pictures to help keep your kids entertained.

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