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How to Test Your App on a Nook Device

Recently, the Nook Developer program sent me a $15 coupon for a Nook device and this spurred me to purchase a Nook device. The first thing I wanted to do was to publish my Corona built app on the Nook. While the process isn’t as easy as publish on Amazon’s Kindle, it’s still possible. Here’s the steps on how to publish your Corona SDK app on a Nook.

You must also  have a nook developer account and a pro subscription to Corona SDK to test your app on the Nook.

1) Visit and enter a name for your device and serial number.

Note: The serial number is located inside the flap for the SD card. My serial number was 16 digits long.

2) Download the provision.cmd file

3) Connect your Nook to your computer

4) Copy the provision.cmd file to the root directory of your device

5) Restart your device while it’s connected

6) Download the sdk from

7) Unzip the file and open up /sdk/tools/android.bat (or .exe)

8 ) Once open, install the Tools folder and Android 2.3.3

Note: You may have to accept the packages before you can install them and the download may take a few minutes based on your internet connection.

9) After the download and installation, go to Tools-> Manage Add-on sites. Click on User Defined Sites and then click New. Copy and paste the following into the input field :

10) Now, under your Android SDK Manager, you will see an option for Nook Tablet under Android 2.3.3. Install this package.

11) After you have installed the Nook Tablet package, feel free to exit the terminal and the manager.

12) Next, open up the terminal. This can be done by typing in ‘cmd’ in the windows search.

13) Once open, go to the folder of /adt-bundle-windows/sdk/platform-tools. This is done by typing in ‘cd’ followed by the directory path of the folder. For example, my command line looked like ‘cd DesktopDevelopmentadt-bundle-windows-x86_64adt-bundle-windowssdkplatform-tools’.

14) Now that you are in the adt bundle directory within your terminal, type ‘./adb kill-server’

15) Next, type in ‘./adb start-server’

16) Now that the server is started, type ‘./adb devices’. This should show a list of devices that is attached to your computer. In this case it should say ‘List of devices attached 1234567890 device’

Note: If a device is not shown in your cmd prompt, you will have to install the Nook driver. If you follow these directions at, you will be able to install the driver. I ended up having to do these steps and it worked out great.

17) Once the device is connected (I know, this can be a painful process), you can install the .apk on your device. Drag your .apk file to the adb folder and inside the terminal, type ‘adb install appname.apk’. This command will install the app on your device.

Note: To reinstall apps, type ‘adb install -r appname.apk’

To uninstall apps, type ‘adb shell pm uninstall -k appname.apk’

18) And just when you think we are done, you have to find your app. Unfortunately, you cannot find your app just tapping on Apps, you have to go to the secret app location. On the Nook, tap on Apps. Then, hold and press the Volume+ button and then tap and hold the Apps label for 2 seconds. The extras menus should appear. In the extras menu, you should see the app you’ve just installed.

And that’s it! I sincerely hope this helps someone else in the Corona SDK community. This process took me longer than I want to admit, but that’s why I wrote this blog post. If you have questions, I’d be happy to help, but you may find quicker answers at

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