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Five Letters


Five Letters – Corona SDK Game Template

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5 Letters is based on the popular game Lingo where the player has a 5 letter word and it’s up to them to guess the right word. Players can enter any five letters to get started. Here’s an app store description:

Can you guess the right word before time runs out?

If you’re a fan of scrabble, Lingo, or other word games, then you’d love Five Letters. This word puzzle game will really get your mind working. Not only is it a fun game to play during a break at work or if you’re bored at home. But this can also be fun for kids who love spelling and words!

Five Letters is similar to the popular game show Lingo where you have a 5 letter word and need to guess the right word. Enter in a five letter word of your choice, and get started! You get the first letter of the word to get you started.

A blue square means you have the right letter, but it’s in the wrong place. A green square means you have the right letter in the right place! If you have left over rows you’ll get an additional 100 points to your score!

This game can keep you busy for hours if you let it! It’s an easy game to get addicted to, and a great way to expand your vocabulary (or your child’s!).

This template is app store ready. You can choose either a free or paid model, with free being monetized with Vungle and Revmob ads. Read below for more information about this game template.


Five Letters is monetized using ads from Vungle and RevMob and is displayed at the end of every game. You can control how often to show ads just by changing one line of code. Do you want to show ads 50% of the time? No problem! Maybe you are a little more aggressive and want to show ads 100% of the time? Easy!

You even have the option to make this a paid game. Simply turn off the ads in two lines of code (in one file, gamesettings.lua) and you’re ready to make this game a paid app.


For those of you that love to see what their users are doing, this game template uses Flurry Analytics. Just swap in your flurry id and you’ll be set! Don’t want to use Flurry? No problem! Just change one line to false and Flurry will not be used.

Code Details

This game was built using the latest public build of Corona SDK version 2014.2393a and the language for Corona SDK is lua. Visit to download the latest public build. The template includes all of the necessary files to build a complete game.

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