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Developing a Game with Corona SDK, Final

Today’s post will the be the final post in the series of Developing a game with Corona SDK. I wanted to make the final version of the code available with links to all the steps.

Moving a character left and right

Making a character jump

Refining our character movement

Developing a game – first steps

Developing a game – second steps

Developing a game – third steps

And finally, you can download the full source code below. If you ideas or suggestions for future tutorials, please let me know! Thanks for reading!

Download Source Code

  1. Thanks a lot for this tutorial series, It’s been the easiest tutorial I’ve ever followed, it is really amazing what I was able to do with just a few lines of code


  2. These post were spectacular and I followed them from start to finish with no issues. It would be amazing if you did a more advanced tutorial like this for the graphics 2.0 update as most books have not made the transition. Keep up the good work and thanks again!!

    • Thank you! I’ll be updating all of my posts soon to graphics 2.0.

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