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Create Backups for your Game Builds

When was the last time you backed up your computer? Whether you have a PC or a Mac, hard drives fail and in a worst case scenario, sometimes stolen as in this case -> Let’s take a look at some popular choices for automatically backing up your hard drive.

Carbonite –

I personally use Carbonite on my Windows PC to automatically backup my hard drive. So far, I have not had to restore my files from Carbonite, but I feel more comfortable with my hard drive having some type of back up. Carbonite comes at a price tag of $59/month (as of July, 2012) and is easy to install on the PC or Mac. I like Carbonite because once I set it up, I never had to mess with it again.

Time Machine – Mac Only

Time Machine is a Mac only product that backs up your Mac hard drive to an external drive or a Time Capsule. Time Machine automatically backs up your entire Mac and the greatest tool about Time Machine, is that it takes a snapshot of your configuration every 24 hours. This allows you to go back to how it was on any given day.

DropBox –

Dropbox is another product I use on a daily basis. Dropbox allows you to save any files such as photos, videos, .psd files, etc. to your Dropbox folder that becomes accessible to every device that has Dropbox installed. This can be a real time saver especially if you work from multiple locations. Instead of e-mail files to myself, I can place anything I need in my Dropbox folder for access anywhere.

One very cool feature of Dropbox is the ability to undo mistakes or deletes that you do. If you’ve ever deleted a file and instantly regretted your decision, Dropbox is probably for you. Dropbox is free for up to 2GB and you increase your space up to 8GB by inviting friends to Dropbx.

Whether you use one of the products above or something else, it’s very important to make backups of your game builds, artwork, music, photos and anything else. Nothing could be more devastating than losing all the information on your hard drive!

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