Corona SDK and other Game Development Tutorials

Circle Pop – Game Template for Corona SDK

Circle Pop, built with Corona SDK

Circle Pop is a game where players touch a circle to ‘pop’ it. Whenever a circle is popped, the player will earn 1 point which is stored in a text file. Circle Pop is a great way to stop learning about theory and start seeing code in action. With this template, you will learn how to:

– Load and Save Game Information a text file with json
– Create objects with a random location and color
– Use Touch Events to remove objects
– Use Storyboard in a real world game example
– Use Gradients

The code in Circle Pop comes with well commented code. Almost each line of code is broken down in the comments to help you learn by doing.

If Circle Pop garners some interest, I will create more templates for the Corona SDK platform. Although this game is based on pre-graphics 2.0, it’ll still show you how to incorporate some common game elements with Corona SDK.

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